List of sectors and trades subject to conditional Business investment

List of sectors and trades subject to conditional Business investment 08/06/2020 03:06:00 374

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I. Field of Accounting and Audit

1. Accounting services

2. Audit services

II. Field of Tax

3. Tax agency service

III. Field of Customs

4. Customs agency services

5. Trading duty-free goods

6. Business of [leasing out] bonded warehouse or container freight station

7. Business of [leasing out] locations for conducting customs procedures, layout areas [of goods], and for customs inspection and supervision

IV. Field of Securities

8. Securities business

9. Services of securities registration, depository and clearance by securities depository center/organizing markets for listed securities and other securities

V. Field of Insurance

10. Insurance business

11. Re-insurance business

12. Insurance brokerage

13. Insurance agency

14. Insurance auxiliary service include insurance consultancy, risk assessment, actuarial services, survey and loss assessment and claim settlement

VI. Field of Price valuation

15. Valuation services

VII. Other financial fields

16. Lotteries business

17. Debt collection services

18. Prize-winning electronic games for foreigners

19. Credit rating services

20. Casino business

21. Betting business

22. Voluntary pension fund management service

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