Tax, Customs, and Treasury sectors promote digital transformation

Tax, Customs, and Treasury sectors promote digital transformation 12/04/2023 04:14:00 212

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In the coming time, the General Department of Taxation will open a database center for electronic invoices; host a conference on IT applications on deploying breakthrough solutions for better tax management; speed up the deployment of an e-portal connecting data with ministries and branches...

At the same time, the General Department of Taxation will deploy e-invoice management tools, and real estate transfer management software; strengthen the management of domestic e-commerce floors and cross-border e-commerce floors in order to prevent tax revenue loss; strictly implement tax refunds to avoid tax loss.

The whole tax sector will promptly and effectively deploy tax policy packages and solutions to support enterprises and people to recover and develop production and business activities to create a premise to increase revenue for the state budget when issued by the Government. At the same time, the sector continues to drastically and effectively implement tax administration for e-commerce activities, business on digital platforms, fight against transfer pricing, and combat loss of state budget revenue.

In the first quarter of 2023, the General Department of Customs concentrated resources, and actively coordinated with units to develop and submit to the Ministry of Finance for approval the investment policy of the project to build an information technology system for implementation of digital customs meet professional requirements in customs clearance with the goal of meeting the requirements of customs clearance operations that are scalable and integrated with current information technology systems and future information technology systems on the basis of the application of new technological achievements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, in line with international standards, meeting the requirements of smart governance...

The State Treasury has also maintained the provision of 100% of administrative procedures through online public services at level 4 (11/11 services), with 100% of units that are subject to compulsory participation in online public services; transactions with the State Treasury 24/7 (including weekends and public holidays) with the number of transactions of state budget spending through online public services reaching a rate of over 99.6%.

In the first three months of 2023, the Ministry of Finance issued 04 decisions announcing amendments, supplements, and replacements of 03 administrative procedures, abolishing 02 administrative procedures, and issuing 02 new administrative procedures in the Tax, Customs, and Pricing fields. Up to now, the total number of valid administrative procedures under the management of the Ministry of Finance is 800, of which: The Tax is 235 administrative procedures; the Customs is 230 administrative procedures; the State Treasury is 11 administrative procedures; the Reserve is 07 administrative procedures; The Securities is 104 administrative procedures; the general financial sector is 213 administrative procedures. As of March 28, 2023, the Ministry of Finance has 792 online public services, of which: 433 partial online public services and 359 are full online public services. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance has completed the connection and integration of 296 online public services on the National Public Service Portal.

(Phuong Thao)


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