​The Ministry of Finance issues The 2023 Operation Plan of the Digital Transformation Steering Committee

​The Ministry of Finance issues The 2023 Operation Plan of the Digital Transformation Steering Committee 20/04/2023 10:49:00 261

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The Minister of Finance has just issued Decision No. 777/QD-BTC dated April 12, 2023, promulgating The 2023 Operation Plan of the Steering Committee for Digital Transformation of the Ministry of Finance. Accordingly, in 2023, the Steering Committee for Digital Transformation of the Ministry of Finance (hereinafter referred to as the Steering Committee) focuses on directing and coordinating the units under the Ministry to promote digital transformation, develop digital government and digital society, and prioritize resources to achieve important targets of the Government in general and the Ministry of Finance in particular.

Specifically, financial sector applications can share data on an integrated, data-sharing platform (NDXP/FDXP). The national financial database is built to ensure updating, connecting, and sharing with national-scale databases at the request of the government, using artificial intelligence/machine learning technology to provide output in the form of reports, Dashboards, and KPIs on the management operations of the industry in order to improve the efficiency of state management in the finance industry.


100% of administrative procedures eligible by law are provided in the form of full online public services. Completing the implementation of the information system for handling administrative procedures at the ministerial and provincial levels on the basis of merging the public service portal and the electronic one-stop-shop system. The rate of the information system of the Ministry of Finance that has been approved and reached the level of information system security is over 80%. The percentage of information systems in the Ministry of Finance meeting the requirements of network information security protection by level is over 30%.


The main tasks of the Steering Committee include: directing and promoting the development of big data in finance, a national financial database, an electronic invoice platform, and an electronic tax platform; reviewing, amending, and supplementing mechanisms, policies, and legal documents to fight against forms of transfer pricing and tax transfers, ensuring correct and sufficient tax collection of digital platforms, digital services, and online services overseas, cross-border provision.

Take the lead on synthesizing, guiding, and allocating funds for ministries and branches to implement digital transformation tasks, develop the 2023 digital economy and digital society, and support localities in implementing typical, comprehensive digital transformation models at the provincial, district, and commune levels according to the provisions of the Law on State Budget.

Deploying the National Electronic Invoice Platform to connect and communicate with all tax authorities, will allow each individual, individual business household, and enterprise to easily send and receive electronic invoices with the tax authority.

The Steering Committee is responsible for coordinating, urging, monitoring, supervising, checking the progress, and directing organizations and units to perform the tasks and solutions specified in this Decision. The members of the Steering Committee integrate the report on digital transformation into the report of the unit to serve the report of the head of the digital transformation steering committee at the monthly briefings.

(Phuong Thao)


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