The Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics held the 2023 partner conference

The Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics held the 2023 partner conference 21/04/2023 03:38:00 215

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To continue promoting the achieved results, seize the opportunity of the 4th industrial revolution to bring about high efficiency and effectiveness in the management activities of the finance industry, and fulfill the 2023 financial - budget tasks, on April 14, 2023, The Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics (DFIS) held the 2023 Informatics Partnership and Financial Statistics Conference in Quang Ninh.

The main content of the conference focused on evaluating the coordination in implementing information technology and statistics among units in the industry and partners that deployed in 2022. Through the conference, partners in the field of information technology information also grasp the implementation plan of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to arrange resources to ensure the correct implementation of the plan; information technology management units of the finance industry can see the problems and offer synchronous solutions in coordinating the implementation of information technology and statistics in 2023 and the following years of the finance industry.

Over the years, DFIS has coordinated with units in the industry to organize the Annual Meeting of Financial Informatics and Statistics Partners to exchange and dialogue with enterprises and experts in the field of IT and Statistics in order to evaluate the achieved results and point out the shortcomings that need to be overcome in the coordination and implementation of IT applications among units in the finance industry.

Implementing the solutions proposed at the previous conferences, in 2022, the finance industry’s units have closely coordinated with partners to organize the implementation of IT application tasks and have achieved the following results: On August 8, 2022, at the 3rd meeting of the National Committee on Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Information and Communications announced the Report on Assessment Results of Ministerial and Provincial Level Digital Transformation in 2021 (DTI 2021). According to the ranking results, the Ministry of Finance continues to rank first in terms of digital transformation in 2021 for ministries and industries providing public services... This is the second consecutive year (2020, 2021), the Ministry of Finance leads in digital transformation. The Ministry of Finance maintains the leading position at DTI ministerial level to provide public service with a value of 0.6321 increasing compared to 2020 (0.4944). The system of documents on strategic planning and action plans to build the Digital Ministry of Finance has been fully promulgated.

By the end of 2022, the Ministry of Finance has 799 valid administrative procedures and 100% of the Ministry's administrative procedures have implemented online public services; The Ministry of Finance has integrated with 296/405 online public services of the 3rd and 4th levels on the National Public Service Portal.

The finance industry’s units have taken actions to maintain and ensure network information security is well implemented by units in the industry, preventing information insecurity incidents. The units have basically ensured the deployment of all 4 layers of information security under the direction of the Prime Minister and the guidance of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The finance industry has actively implemented tasks and actively participated in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, implemented strong digital transformation in all fields, achieved many positive results, and brought efficiency to the whole society, contributing to shortening the time for completing tax, customs, treasury procedures, etc., reducing paperwork, time, and costs for enterprises and people. 

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