​Accelerating digital transformation to implement solutions to develop non-cash payments

​Accelerating digital transformation to implement solutions to develop non-cash payments 25/04/2023 10:14:00 223

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That is one of 55 administrative reform tasks that the Ministry of Finance will carry out in 2023. Recently, the Minister of Finance signed Decision No. 801/QĐ-BTC dated April 17, 2023, promulgating the implementation plan of the tasks of the Ministry of Finance in Decision No. 13/QĐ-BCCDCCHC dated March 8, 2023, of the Steering Committee for Administrative Reform of the Government and Notice No. 55/TB-VPCP dated February 24, 2023, of the Government Office. The decision takes effect from the date of signing.

Accordingly, in 2023, the Ministry of Finance will concentrate on carrying out the following tasks: Continue to synchronously implement the administrative reform contents in Decision No. 1924/QĐ-BTC dated September 30, 2022, and Decision No. 2731 /QĐ-BTC dated December 23, 2022; Strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of documents about directing and administering administrative reform; Handle recommendations from ministries, branches, and localities related to administrative reform; Coordinate with the Government's Steering Committee for Administrative Reform in inspecting the administrative reform work by theme at the ministries, branches, and localities; Continue to carry out the information and propaganda of administrative reform; Continue to renew the direction and administration of administrative reform; Strengthen research and propose administrative reform initiatives; Review and evaluate quarterly the results of the members before the Steering Committee...

Continuing to implement the Government's Resolution No. 17/NQ-CP dated March 7, 2019, on a number of key tasks and solutions for the development of e-government in the period of 2019 - 2020, with a vision to 2025 and the Plan of the Ministry of Finance. Effectively providing information and online public services to people and enterprises in accordance with the Government's Decree No. 42/2022/NĐ-CP dated June 24, 2022.

Consolidating the Public Service Portal with the ministerial-level electronic one-stop information system into an information system for handling administrative procedures; establishing, upgrading, and completing electronic data management warehouses of organizations and individuals; completing connection, integration, and sharing of data on administrative procedure settlement results from the ministerial-level administrative procedure settlement information system, national database, specialized database with the electronic data warehouse of organizations and individuals on the National Public Service Portal.

Organizing the implementation of regulations on network safety and security (Decree No. 53/2022/ND-CP dated August 15, 2022, of the Government; Circular No. 12/2022/TT-BTTTT dated August 12/ 2022 of the Ministry of Information and Communications; Decision No. 964/QĐ-TTg dated August 10, 2022, of the Prime Minister) and Regulation on Cyber information Safety and Cyber security of the Ministry of Finance.

Promoting digital transformation, and implementing solutions to develop non-cash payment according to Decision No. 1813/QĐ-TTg dated October 28, 2021, of the Prime Minister, focusing on tax, fee, ...

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