UNSTAD Vietnam is a potential choice for implementing projects for the small and medium business community

UNSTAD Vietnam is a potential choice for implementing projects for the small and medium business community 15/07/2022 15:43:00 311

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UNSTAD Vietnam is a potential choice for implementing projects for the small and medium business community

15/07/2022 15:43:00

Continuing the working program, on July 14, the delegation of the Ministry of Finance of Viet Nam led by Minister Ho Duc Phoc was present in Switzerland, right after that, the delegation had a working session with the Secretary General. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) - Ms. Rebeca Grynspan at the United Nations headquarter. Joining the delegation was Ambassador Le Thi Tuyet Mai - Head of the Permanent Delegation of Viet Nam to the United Nations, WTO and other international organizations in Geneva.

At the meeting with UNCTAD Secretary General, Minister Ho Duc Phoc shared about Viet Nam's macroeconomic situation in recent years and Viet Nam's achievements in responding to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the Minister, Viet Nam's achievements are based on the goals for the country's sustainable development and on the priority of bringing good values to the society and people. The Minister thanked UNCTAD for always supporting and cooperating closely with Viet Nam over the years in many economic and social fields, especially issues of combating climate change and green growth.

Impressed by Viet Nam's achievements in achieving the dual goals of successfully overcoming the pandemic and economic recovery, UNCTAD Secretary-General Rebeca Grynspan highly appreciated the right efforts and strategies of Viet Nam, considering this as a typical example of economic development success in the context of the global pandemic. In particular, the Secretary-General expressed his thanks that Viet Nam has been an active cooperation partner of UNCTAD for many years. This has also been stated in the UNCTAD World Investment Report with a summary of Viet Nam's outstanding development achievements, especially investment activities to adapt to climate change.

Ms. Rebeca Grynspan also said that UNSTAD is currently implementing projects for the small and medium-sized business community (SMEs) and considers Vietnam as a potential option to conduct many studies and assessments. In particular, UNCTAD emphasizes the implementation of commercial activities for biological goods and products with the aim of conserving biodiversity. In addition, the goal of green growth and digitalization is also set by UNCTAD in this project to create opportunities for the SME business community to participate and contribute efforts to the global value chain and enhance development for Viet Nam. UNCTAD also provides information on cooperation projects in Viet Nam on clean energy and green growth and thinks that Viet Nam has the potential to develop renewable energy projects, but the transition may face with many challenges in changing global value chains. Therefore, Viet Nam needs to have an appropriate orientation, strategy and roadmap to realize this goal, including the development of a green and sustainable financial strategy. UNCTAD Secretary-General wishes to continue to promote close cooperation with Viet Nam in time to support Viet Nam - a country with great potential for sustainable development and green growth.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister affirmed that Viet Nam appreciates the cooperation with UNCTAD. In particular, referring to the project for SMEs, the Minister said that the proposals in the UNCTAD project are close to the current goals and orientations of Viet Nam in making strategies to engage the SME community in the global supply chain and affirms that Viet Nam did and will continue to provide support and facilitation for SMEs, creating a level playing field for all businesses to effectively participate in global trade.

Referring to the content of digital transformation outlined by UNCTAD in the World Investment Report, the Minister cited some typical examples that Viet Nam has successfully implemented and will continue to promote in its customs and tax system through the implementation of a single window; application of information technology and risk management in customs clearance, electronic payment in the field of domestic tax and customs; building a portal electronics create favorable conditions for import-export businesses.

Regarding the goals of building a renewable energy system, the Minister also affirmed that Viet Nam is on the right track in promoting sustainable growth through projects to replace traditional energy with renewable energy such as wind and solar power. It is necessary to diversify capital sources to invest in building this transformation system. Accordingly, the Minister expressed his hope to strengthen closer cooperation with UNCTAD and look forward to many more effective cooperation projects to help Viet Nam achieve many valuable achievements in green growth and sustainable development.

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