Eight key tasks for the State Treasury to fulfil its assigned targets

Eight key tasks for the State Treasury to fulfil its assigned targets 25/04/2023 17:00:00 267

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Eight key tasks for the State Treasury to fulfil its assigned targets

25/04/2023 17:00:00

(English.haiquanonline.com.vn) In the first months of 2023, the State Treasury system has achieved many positive results. Therefore, leaders of the State Treasury must continue performing the assigned tasks well, especially the key tasks in the near future.

Ha Nam State Treasury officers at work. Photo: Thuy Linh

According to the report of the State Treasury, in the first quarter of 2023, the State Treasury system carried out 185 inspections, including 08 specialized inspections and 177 internal inspections. As a result, the State Treasury has removed shortcomings and mistakes, amended and supplemented mechanisms and policies, and contributed to maintaining financial discipline and improving the efficiency of state budget management.

Recognizing these results, at the meeting of the first quarter of 2023, the Director General of the State Treasury Tran Quan asked the heads of the units and the directors of the State Treasury of the provinces and cities to continue promoting the spirit of solidarity, collective intelligence, focus on directing and operating to urgently remove shortcomings, limitations and perform well the assigned tasks, especially the eight key tasks shortly.

Accordingly, it was necessary to complete the budget settlement report 2021 and the state financial report in 2021 and proactively prepare explanations to submit to the National Assembly at the May 2023 session, ensuring quality and schedule.

Regarding the formulation of mechanisms and policies, and the implementation of critical tasks, the State Treasury leader requested to soon complete the regulations of the State Treasury system on functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure; financial and payroll management mechanism; and State budget management regime.

Regarding spending control, Mr Tran Quan asked to continue to research and complete the spending control procedures, automatic payment process, and link applications to shorten the payment time and create favourable conditions for the users while ensuring control expenditures and payments following regulations, speed up the upgrade of online public services in connection with programs and applications to improve operational efficiency and limit risks.

Regarding treasury work, it is required to continue to monitor the cash fund balance throughout the system, thereby researching and launching automatic alarm applications to improve monitoring efficiency.

Regarding state budget collection and treasury management, the capital mobilization and treasury management will follow the plan approved by the Ministry of Finance's leadership; and closely follow the actual situation to promptly advise and report to the leader of the Ministry of Finance on arising contents and situations; continue to expand the coordination of state budget collection and electronic bilateral payments with commercial banks according to the roadmap approved by the Ministry's leader.

Regarding personnel organization, the State actively train and fosters young capable cadres; selects qualified staff to introduce the planning of leadership titles of the State Treasury at all local levels; continues to perform well the work of rotation, transfer, and change of working positions; and regularly review the personnel situation at the State Treasury of provinces and cities to promptly submit competent authorities to arrange staff to the units in personnel shortage.

Regarding the inspection and examination, the State Treasury requested to conduct the specialized inspection plan 2023, strengthen internal inspection and irregular inspection of affiliated units.

Regarding the modernization of information technology, it is necessary to urgently complete the Project on upgrading the TABMIS and its applications to form a digital state accounting and budgeting information system (VDBAS), in which a specific roadmap is required and associated with overall tasks, long-term and feasible solutions.

By Huong Diu/ Huyen Trang

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