State Treasury improves customer service quality

State Treasury improves customer service quality 25/05/2023 16:46:00 369

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State Treasury improves customer service quality

25/05/2023 16:46:00

( The State Treasury (State Treasury) is surveying to assess the satisfaction level of individuals and organizations with the service of the State Treasury.From the survey results, the State Treasury will capture the evaluation opinions of organizations and individuals for their services. The survey results are the basis for the State Treasury to improve the quality of public service delivery, thereby improving the level of satisfaction of organizations and individuals with the service of the State Treasury.

The State Treasury of many provinces and cities has proposed innovative programs and implementation models, thereby further improving the quality of customer service. Photo: Thuy Linh

Previously, in the first quarter of 2023, the State Treasury continued to study and improve mechanisms, policies, and professional processes in the direction of reforming and simplifying procedures, upgrading the online public service system, adding data exchange portals via the Internet with electricity, water, telecommunications service providers and public administration centres for nationwide deployment; at the same time, perfecting utilities to support users, aiming to improve the quality of customer service further.

In addition, the State Treasury continues to implement the tasks in the PAR Plan for the 2021-2025 period of the system synchronously in the fields of institutional reform, administrative procedure reform, and reform. Organization of the state administrative apparatus, reform of the civil service regime, public finance reform and administrative modernization. In particular, the units will focus on and perfect the business processes to simplify administrative procedures, shorten transaction time, create favourable conditions for organizations and individuals, and create publicity and transparency in State Treasury activities.

The State Treasury of provinces and cities across the country has thoroughly grasped these directives for synchronous implementation from central to local levels. Accordingly, the State Treasury of many provinces and cities has proposed innovative programs and implementation models, further improving customer service quality.

For example, the "Skillful civil mobilization" model of Ha Nam State Treasury, rotates the positions of chief accountants among district State Treasurys to strengthen risk control in professional activities. Or at the State Treasury of Da Nang, thanks to the people and organizations as the centre; Taking the satisfaction of people and organizations as a measure to evaluate service quality, in 2022, through the online evaluation software of the City People's Committee, Da Nang State Treasury received 1,035 reviews with a satisfaction rate of 99.5%; At the public service application of the State Treasury, the State Treasury of Da Nang also received 759 units participating in the survey and evaluation, achieving a total score of 6,676 points, ranking 10th out of 64 provinces and cities.

Directly performing transactions with Nam Dinh State Treasury, the chief accountant of a middle school said that the State Treasury has connected online public service applications - Treasury and Budget Management Information System (TABMIS) so all transactions are done online, not directly to the local State Treasury as before, and at the same time, the processing time for documents and transactions is very quick and smooth. In particular, he also noted that the customer service attitude of the State Treasury staff is increasingly professional, in line with the goal of "customer-centred service".

Moreover, the State Treasury is currently implementing many solutions to expand the coordination of state budget collection and electronic bilateral payments with commercial banks, so many customers also appreciate the convenience and simplicity of transactions related to finance.

The State Treasury development strategy for 2030 has set a goal that by 2025, the State Treasury will operate on digital data and complete the digital Treasury platform. Therefore, in the past years, the State Treasury has continuously promoted reform and modernization activities, paying special attention to assessing the impact of policies on the interests of people, organizations and businesses. ; consult people in developing normative documents.

Thanks to the active implementation of modernization and administrative reform solutions, the State Treasury became one of the first units in the Finance industry to complete providing 100% of procedures through online public services at level 4. Most state budget revenues and expenditures through the State Treasury are online and paid through banks; some lookup functions have been integrated via smartphone applications.

Therefore, for 2 consecutive years (2021-2022), the State Treasury ranked second among the units under the General Department of the Ministry of Finance that have performed well in administrative reform, reaching the rate of 94.5% of units, organizations and individuals assessing the level of satisfaction in the survey of the State Treasury system in 2022.

By Huong Diu/Phuong Linh


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